Frequently Asked Questions


We get a lot questions about our coaching services, and what it entails. Here are a couple of our most common ones!

If you have a question about our services that isn’t on this list, send an email to and we’ll be in touch!


Q: What does a book coach do?

A book coach is your writing wingman. We jump into your journey and help you through all the ups and downs.

We provide feedback as you write or revise your novel, to keep you on track. We’re a sounding board when you hit a plot snag and don’t know how to resolve it. We’re a drill sergeant when you need to get the words down. We’re a cheerleader when you lose confidence in your ability to reach your goals.

We help craft outlines, and workshop plots before they’re written. We answer publishing questions. We spot overused tropes and suggest ways to rework them. We teach about character development, romance arcs, the importance of emotion, how to build tension, the most common flaws in opening and closing scenes, and about a million other things as they arise in the pages. We make plans for revisions, and give tips and tricks for how to tackle larger changes without feeling overwhelmed, and SHOULD you get overwhelmed, we’re here to help guide you through that as well.

A book coach is more than just someone who offers you notes every week— we’re truly there for you, and strive every day to help as much as we can.

Q: How do I pick a coach to work with?

Take a look at the coach bios on our About Us page! We share our experience, our favorite genres, and our industry background! If you’re still unsure who to choose after reading the bios, you can also click the “unsure” button on the inquiry form and we’ll take care of assigning you a coach.

Q: What’s the turnaround time on coaching pages?

Your weekly submission day would be Monday, and you could typically expect to get your pages back from your coach by the end of day Friday, if not sooner.

Q: What happens after I fill out my inquiry form?

The form goes to our main contact email, and within 48 business hours we’ll be in touch to schedule a consultation call with you. (Your complementary five page edit will be completed and returned to you beforehand.) During the call we’ll discuss all your options, your goals, and what you can expect from us as coaches. Then, if you decide to sign up, we’ll give you a start date, and you’ll start submitting your pages the Monday after your program begins!

Q: What if I have a vacation planned/get sick/family emergency/etc?.

Life is so much bigger than just the words you write. We understand! People get sick, vacations are amazing. Sometimes WE even get the chance to step away from our computers and go places. For that reason, we have a “makeup week” system. Any submission weeks you don’t use, and want to save for later, will be recorded in our system and can be used at the end of your program.

For instance: Say you miss three weeks due to holidays or illness throughout your coaching experience. Those weeks would be marked down in our system as you request them off. Then, once you alert us to being in your last month of coaching, your plan ends, and you can submit three additional weeks to make them up, after your final payment. 

*In some instances your coach may allow you to submit twice your weekly word count the week before your absence (if planned) or the week after, but this will depend on the coach and if they have time to edit a double submission at that time. 

Q: Can you help me if my book is already finished and I just need big picture notes?

Yes! We offer full manuscript editing services too! Check out our rates at the bottom of our Prices and Services page.

Q: What about if I haven’t started writing yet?

We can help at any stage, even if the book lives solely in your head, and you need help plotting it or figuring out where to begin. We can make you a roadmap to pull that story idea from your brain and settle it into a chapter by chapter plan you can draft from later.

We’re plot ninjas and we’re ready to help no matter where you’re at in your writing journey!

Q: Do you also coach non-fiction or memoir?

Dawn does! Send her an inquiry form and tell her about your project!

Q: What kind of feedback do you give?

We take the words you submit to us every week and comb through them, looking for plot progression, character development, emotion, etc. We provide a great mix of tough and gentle feedback—it will never be hurtful or harsh. We’ll point out potential changes while also showing you what you’re doing right.

Q: What are the benefits of coaching?.

There are so many! The weekly deadlines provide that push to write more (and Netflix less!) so you keep getting the words down. The feedback keeps you from driving your plot down the wrong road and having to rewrite a bunch of your story— giving you a chance to produce a much cleaner draft because it’s essentially being edited as you go.

Having your coach there every step of the way means you’re less likely to get stuck in a holding pattern all on your own, not knowing what to do next. You have a partner in crime, to help with the whole process!

Q: What’s the difference between a coach and an editor?

An editor typically sees your book when it’s fully drafted. They take a completed, fully formed project and make notes to improve it during revisions.

Alternatively, a book coach is someone who’s there with you for the ride. We help as you plot, draft, or navigate revisions, and offer assistance and feedback as you go. It’s essentially the same work as a developmental edit, but in shorter bursts. This allows you to learn as you go, and come out the other end with a cleaner draft you’ve been improving week-to-week.

Q: How do I pause/cancel?

Contact us within three business days of your next invoice date and we’ll be more than happy to cancel your invoice for you. If you know well in advance when you’d like to stop coaching, you can also give us an end date ahead of time and we’ll set up invoices to automatically stop when you’ve chosen to be done with your program.

If you need to pause unexpectedly and you still have some submissions left in your month, your invoices will be stopped, and any remaining submissions will be “banked” for you to use at a later date of your choosing.

Q: What about if I have a really good/bad week? can I submit more words than my plan allows, or make up a short submission with extra words the next week?

Unfortunately, no. We need our writers to stick to their plan in order for us to properly balance our workload throughout the month. 

However, if you find yourself consistently writing more (or less) than your weekly word count goals and would like to change your plan, let us know at least three days before your invoice date and we’ll gladly switch it for you!

Q: If I fill out a coaching inquiry, will you for sure coach me?

Unfortunately, no. We have to take on new writers based on our schedule, how much help you need, and other life factors. But we’re always open to doing consultation calls, and if we happen to be at capacity for writers we can add you to our waitlist and contact you when we have space in our schedules to see if you’d like to sign up at that point.

Check our coaching bios to see if we’re accepting new writers!

Q: If I need a lot of help/my pages aren’t in great shape, can I still be coached?

Of course! A beginning writer is never a deterrent. Everyone has something to learn, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing to learn a lot. We’re more than happy to tackle projects that need a lot of work and to do that work with you!