Our greatest compliment is a writer who returns to us with good things to say about their experience! Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us!

Happy Clients

**Dawn’s testimonials coming soon!**

“Megan Lally is the best support system a writer can have. She’s not only brilliant as an editor, with a keen eye for detail, a knack for tension building, and a gut level understanding of characters, she’s also supportive and communicative. She’s right there with you in the words and sentences, helping you find your story. Her editorial work left a depth and realism to my fantastical world and made the romance sing. She changed my writing forever, and I wouldn’t have sold my debut YA Fantasy GLITCH KINGDOM to a big five imprint without her help.”

Sheena BoekWEg (Glitch Kingdom - Feiwel and Friends, 2/18/2020)

“If you’re looking for an amazing editor, you’ve found one. Where would my book be without Megan's insight? I hate to think about it. Megan is an incredibly talented editor. She is able to identify plot holes, sharpen dialogue and improve the romantic relationship and tension between characters. Megan is adept at working through problems, coming up with solutions and making you see the best parts of your book. Her edits and suggestions are incredibly spot on and you're left wondering why on earth you hadn't come up with that idea and wished that you had. I'm so thankful for her hard work and my book is one hundred times better for it. I can’t recommend her enough.”

— Isabel Ibañez (WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT- Page Street, 1/7/2020)

“My novel writing experience changed immensely when I began using Megan as my book coach. I previously found the process isolating with no accountability to persevere. However, since making the commitment to send Megan my pages each week I’ve managed to complete a first draft in just over 6 months!

In addition, Megan’s knowledge and guidance has helped me develop as a writer on so many levels and I continue to learn each week when the feedback comes through. Not only is Megan is an expert on technique, plot and novel craft but she ensures she truly understands my story, reining me in on many occasions where I could’ve potentially deviated from the plot.

As well as her skills as an editor, Megan really wants her clients to succeed and is always available to give industry advice wherever needed. The fact I’m still using Megan in my redraft process is testament to what an excellent writing coach she is and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

— Carey Camburn (YA Fantasy)

Coaching with Megan has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my writing. 

Before finding her, I couldn’t seem to complete a novel-length story. I’d get stuck partway through, realize something wasn’t working, and give up. But Megan changed all that. She has an incredible grasp of storytelling, and she’s basically an idea factory. Plus, she was somehow able to nudge me in the right direction without telling me what to do. I’ve never been able to find that in a coach before.

So for the first time ever, I actually finished my novel! And I’ll be working with her again on the second book in my series. I can’t recommend her coaching highly enough.

— Kara Metlen (Romance, Self-publishing)


“Megan truly understands what makes a YA tick. She immediately sussed out what was lacking in my opening pages and gave me some great ideas to get me started on my second draft.”

— Kate T. (Dystopian YA)